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The account (website) you have attempted to access is currently unavailable because this Account has been Suspended. This account could have been suspended for a variety of reasons. Common reasons for an account being suspended are listed below:

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If you would like to know why an account has been suspended, please Contact us. Sites are listed first by their status, and then by their web address. To find out the specific reason why this account has been suspended, you can contact us by any means available on our web site Contact page. Please make sure to include which website domain name you attempted to visit and the date and time.

If you are the owner of this account, you should have received an email stating when your account was suspended and for what reason.

4. Price & Payment
4.0 All bills and invoices are sent via email.
4.1 Payment by the client will be either on a yearly basis.
4.2 Payment is due each anniversary year following the date the account was established. Clients will automatically be charged again at the end of their period unless closure notification has already been given.
4.3 Payment on a yearly basis will be by standing order after the first initial payment made by credit card.
4.4 The company reserves the right to vary the amount payable (yearly) from time to time, however we will give you 30 days prior written notice of any such variation.
4.5 We do not offer any form of credit to clients.
4.6 If the client's service or account is activated before payment is made then payment must be sent in full.
4.7 If payment is not made and received in full within 7 days from the completion of the agreement all technical support for the site will be revoked. If payment is still not made in the following 7-day period the client's account will be deleted from out servers and all DNS services will stop.
4.8 Any returned cheques to clients will incur an administration fee of £35.00GBP.
4.9 The company has no obligation to carry out any work until full payment in advance has been received in clear funds.
4.10 At all times the Client must specify a communications address, which should be an email address, if available, or a mailing address to which we may send all invoices, notices or other forms of communication, (particularly in an emergency). Should the Client fail to notify us immediately of any change in particulars then we shall not be liable for any loss to the Client arising from any such failure.
4.11 If the renewal is not paid when it becomes due, on or before the last day of the client's account year and at least 2 requests for payment have been sent out to the client's last notified communications address, then the account will be closed and the domain will be deleted from our servers.

5. Termination
5.1 The initial term of this contract shall be the period described in the above and shall commence on the date of acceptance by the client. Thereafter the contract will continue on a monthly or yearly basis unless terminated according to the provisions below.
5.2 All account cancellations must be done in writing, with at least 14 days notice. Notifications must include user name, principal contract name with valid signature and reason for cancellation. Third party cancellations are not accepted.
5.3 We the company reserve the right to cancel your account at anytime without notice.
5.4 When your account is closed whether by 5.2, 5.4, 7.7 or any sections under 9.0, all files will be deleted.
5.5 Any attempt to use the Control Panel for purposes other than its intended use will result in your account being. terminated.
5.6 Any improper use by the client under any sections under 9.0 will result in immediate termination of the Company's service.
5.7 If a client has ordered a service on an annual subscription the company expect the client to commit for this period of time. If the client wishes to cancel or breaks any of the terms and conditions and their account is cancelled within this service period, we the company will not make any refunds for any unused portions of the client's account. Whilst the company does not offer refunds the client have no obligation to continue using our service.

The full Terms of Service can be found on the School Hosting Web site.